2000 Ignacio Rozas 1a

Woods: straight grained CSA rosewood and western red cedar. Spanish cedar neck. Nitro lacquer throughout.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 58mm at saddle.Metro case.

Condition: structurally sound and cosmetically a bit dinged up. This guitar was played by a brilliant young virtuoso throughout his graduate program with Manuel Barrueco. While the nitro finish is in good condition, there are a number of nicks and dents on the top, one superficial scratch, and a slight compression crack on the back, near the binding on the lower bout. None of these aspects affect the playability or sound of the guitar. String height and setup are normal, with enough saddle for any future adjustment.

Comment: as I hope the videos indicate, this guitar features its trebles and midrange. It has a unique voice, focussed and pointed, as far as you can get from breathy double top intonation. The world of modern top design is moving away from this traditional Madrid signature sound, but there are many who enjoy having just such a guitar in their collection, as it provides a significant option for repertoire. It harkens back to the Ramirez glory days, of which Ignacio Rozas played a significant part. He is now retired but his solidly built guitars will be with us for some time to come. This guitar has many good years of music ahead for a player who isn’t bothered by finish imperfections.

There are two videos available for viewing.

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