Woods:  Brazilian rosewood and spruce, French polish top, nitro lacquer back and sides. Honduras mahogany neck. Inlay tie block and purfling matching rosette.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 52mm nut width, 43mm string spacing at nut, 4mm bass string height, 12th fret.

Condition: this guitar has been owned and played in concerts by You Wang. It has no structural issues but there are minute dents on the upper bout on the back from a shirt button, presumably. The top of the guitar has been refinished by a well known luther and the French polish shellac is perfect.Neck angle and fingerboard are as new. Saddle has room for future adjustments with good string angle coming out of the tie block.

Comment: the cedar Rozas formerly on this site had a rather smoky, deep resonance, while this guitar is more bright and even tempered. There is a sweetness and balance that is quite pleasant. It was acquired through Richard Brune, who states, “this is the finest model offered by Rozas, who started his career in the famous Ramirez shop and later worked for M. G. Contreras before finally opening his own shop in Madrid.  Exquisite in every detail, this is a delightful instrument to hold and play.  It is very responsive, quick to speak, exceptionally well balanced musically and very even throughout its range with exceptional clarity and projection.” I might add it is very attractive. The woods are top shelf and the Brazilian rosewood is highly figured.

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