2009 Ross Gutmeier

Woods: Straight grained Honduran rosewood and western red cedar over carbon fiber double top. Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, Honduran rosewood arm rest (removable) and bridge.  French polish shellac throughout.

Miscellany:  650mm scale, 52mm nut, 44mm string spacing at nut, 58mm at saddle. New Humicase Protege model. Sloane tuners, 12 hole tie block. Kris Barnett custom adjustable and removable leg support with powerful magnets, which hold it firmly in place.

Condition: very good.  The shellac on the top appears as new and a few moisture whorls on the back and upper side when playing. Some wear in the shellac on the upper right bout. No structural issues but a handful of nicks, one small dent near the binding on the treble side of the lower bout. Just about the amount of wear one would expect on a concert level guitar, played regularly.  The string angle over an ample saddle provides easy adjustment for the future, if necessary.

Comment: this being my second Gutmeier, I had high expectations. The former was balsa filled and did not have the carbon fiber inner layer, and the sound was decidedly breathy and voluminous. A cloud of sound poured forth, and if one were to search for a flaw in that, it might be the lack of a pointed focus, something this nomex filled double top possesses. The trebles are as sweet and bright as I have heard on any cedar guitar. There is plenty of volume and ample power in reserve, but this is a more intimate guitar than the balsa model. It does not flaunt a big sound and goes where it is directed and rewards good playing. Perhaps it also inspires it.

Ross Gutmeier guitars are highly regarded by serious players and this one is in its prime at a reasonable price.

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Price: $7995

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