2011 Martin Blackwell

Woods: Indian rosewood and spruce double top. Spanish cedar neck. Maple inlay headstock.Ebony arm rest and binding. French polish throughout.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 57mm at saddle. Humi- case. Sound port, raised fingerboard. 12 hole tie block with inlay. Irving Sloane tuners.

Condition: excellent. There are marks on the top, nicks and a small dent from ordinary playing wear. The back upper bout shows some French polish wear near the binding. A nearly invisible crack on the side of the guitar has been repaired and deemed stable by a noted luthier. The setup is original with normal neck angle, saddle for future adjustment if needed, action.

Comment: with two spruce double top Blackwells on the site I hear mostly similarities in their wonderfully dry, precise tonality. The guitars are very light and thus do not stray into the area where the bad boys roam, in the back of the class, with the heavy, rounded overtones that suggest an oncoming cold. This guitar is like the kid in the front row,  waving his arm with the answer. But he’s no nerd, as he can out run and out hustle the big boys. The Blackwell is nimble but powerful. and the double top gives the player a whole lot of volume. This kid can play but is considerate of the player. It’s not the star and its good breeding produces a bouquet of nuanced sound to the skilled musician. It is no wonder Martin Blackwell has jolted to the front of the class of talented Canadian luthiers. This is his 80th guitar.

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Price: $7295

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