Woods: highly figured zircote back and sides, western red cedar over spruce double top. Cedar neck with ebony transom bands. NItro lacquer sides and back, French polish top. Mahogany double lined sides.

Miscellany: elevated fingerboard, armrest, sound ports, mother of pearl tie block plate, 12 hole saddle, double top with nomex between cedar and spruce, radiased fingerboard, 650 scale, normal string height with original setup. Ample saddle height allows for future adjustments.

Condition: a half dozen stray finger marks on the cedar top. Otherwise, as new. This guitar is well played in but obviously has been carefully handled by the original owner.

Comment: this is my fourth Mailloux and each has what I think is his signature sound, which I define as a slightly surprising flavor, like the oakiness in a vintage red wine. Double tops are sought after for their bright and forward response. Yes, they are loud, but the thin sandwich design amplifies the natural colors of the instrument. In this, Patrick has few peers. This guitar is perhaps the most powerful of his I’ve yet played, as the area he devotes to the nomex core has expanded. While the spruce over cedar at Chartwell (also on this site) is perhaps a slight bit dreamier and more idiosyncratic, this one named “Zenaide” has more muscle. While the other rewards thoughtful, searching expression, this one gives the player no need for second thoughts. It is a warm, confident guitar, one which when picked up encourages the player to do one’s best. The cliche “you could be somebody” comes forth because this guitar makes one think that way, no matter the starting point. Lovers of the classical guitar are as content with a properly struck, resonant note as they are upon the completion of a long and difficult piece. The pleasures along the way make double tops in general especially rewarding. Sustain in harmonies and arpeggiated chords is their strong suit, and this Mailloux guitar certainly delivers.


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