2012 Richard Prenkert

Woods:  Indian rosewood and spruce, all wood lattice bracing. Matte finish French polish top and gloss shellac back and sides. Mahogany neck. Spalted maple rosette.

Miscellany: 640mm scale, 54mm nut, 44mm string spacing at nut, 56mm at saddle. TKL type hard case.

Condition: new. I purchased this guitar from Savage Guitar after hurricane Sandy flooded its studio. Four guitars were found to be in either perfect condition or were marginally affected by the situation, and now, four years out, it is safe to say there are no concerns about structural integrity, as this guitar has been at A440 for over three years, played with love and appreciation for Richard Prenkert’s wonderful lattice design. The finish is original and also unaffected by whatever occurred in the flood. I represent this guitar as new because it has never been out of Sayage’s or my shop and it is in perfect condition, though now played in. The discount I offer reflects the cost of the guitar when I purchased it.

Comment: as with the cedar top lattice guitar on this site, acquired directly from Prenkert’s shop, the magical touch Richard applies to his lattice guitars is fully evident. This is a “short scale” guitar, though to my hands it plays just as a standard scale might. To my ear, it is powerful yet subtle, bright and yet sweet. The sustain he gets with his modern design is just the right amount. Note blends into note just a bit more than with a fan design. The boost I hear is not loudness, but it is the maintenance of one tone as the next is wrought. A most pleasing aid to a player of modest ability, such as myself. I have kept the guitar off this site for reasons explained above, and it has been little played in past months. So in playing it for some hours, I am in love with the intelligence and clarity of the instrument. I have all sorts of expensive guitars by the likes of Humphrey, Delarue, and Traphagen, but this little spruce top holds its own against instruments at twice its price. It is a prize and I shall regret selling it some day.


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