2012 Stanislaw Partyka

Woods: the back and sides appear to be Brazilian rosewood based on color and grain, and the builder identifies it as  Palisander Santos. An attractive use of bookmatched and figured grain, with a distinctive sapwood accent.  Western red cedar top. Arched, braceless back in the Australian style. Not laminated. An intricate rosette with a border pattern that is repeated in the purfling. The rosewood arm rest appears to be the same stabilizing filet in the Spanish cedar neck. Finish is nitro lacquer sides and back and French polish shellac on the top.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 44mm string spacing at nut, 57mm at saddle. Stanislaw uses Baljak tuners. Lattice braced. HIscox case.

Condition: as new. I had to search under harsh light to find one tiny nick in the top, and there is a slight mark on the back, lower bout binding. Lacquer not only provides carefree use in terms of moisture during hot months, but in rebuffing normal wear and tear marks that would mark up a shellac finish. The down side is lacquer requires a break in period. This guitar has seen little playing time and promises to open up as it is played in.

Comment: this is a very attractive instrument in terms of aesthetics and quality of fit and finish. My first Partyka and I’m quite impressed. Though lattice braced, the performance of this guitar is just ripening, based on the high quality cedar top and the bracing. Put another way, this guitar has power but it will increase in time.  It does possess a sweet quality that I hope comes through in the video. No hint of the boxy sound of the prototypical Aussie lattices. Sustain is substantial, and it helps the treble end immensely. Partyka is a university trained guitarist who was drawn to building out of his confessed dissatisfaction with instruments he came in contact with. His high standards are quite evident here.


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