2012 Thomas Malapanis 

Woods: Cocobolo rosewood and red cedar. French polish. All rosewood guitars Malapanis builds feature Cocobolo. He finds it the best tone wood for his signature sound; it is known to be the most dense rosewood commonly available. Honduran mahogany neck.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 53mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 61mm spacing at bridge. TKL type case. Gotoh tuners.

Condition: as new

Comment: Malapanis guitars are immediately impressive. They have what all the great traditionally built guitars have, and that is color and warmth of tone. Notes bloom and the dynamic range grows when any guitar is pushed to its top end, but the three listed here all sing at any volume. The testimony listed here expresses my impressions with more authority, and I offer it as

“It is with great pleasure that I highly recommend the guitars made by Tom Malapanis. Since I was first introduced to them I have enjoyed the tone quality, sweetness, projection and over all balance of his guitars. They are as beautiful and powerful as my finest Hauser’s, Fleta’s or Miguel Rodriguez guitars. They respond extremely well to all I ask of them in my performances. I have played them in concert and have had great success with them.” Sir Angel Romero

“The guitars made by Tom Malapanis are excellent! They possess everything you can desire in a concert instrument. The sound of his instruments are rich and have a depth, volume and clarity found in the best guitars made in the world today, reminiscent of the greatest Spanish guitars of old. I recommend his instruments to anyone looking for a serious concert instrument”. Orlando Roman, Professor of Guitar St. Marys College Maryland and Concert Artist

“The guitars of Thomas Malapanis are beautifully constructed and project extraordinarily well. The tone of Tom’s guitars – even the new ones – is deep, mature and lyrical. They are eminently playable and responsive to the touch, offering a kaleidoscope of colors for the asking. They are very well balanced, too, providing a great workspace and playground for the guitarist’s art. It is clear to me that Malapanis guitars are among the best to be had.They are a joy to play!” Mark DelPriora, Co-Chair of Guitar Department, Manhattan School of Music

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