2013 Daryl Perry, #188

Woods: back and sides appear to be very straight grained Brazilian rosewood or Cocobolo. Top is unique alpine spruce with major bear claw elements. I have never seen a quarter sawn set with as wide a difference in grain density between the tight inner area under the bridge and the outer bouts. French polish shellac throughout. Mahogany neck.

Specs: 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 44mm string spacing at nut, 57mm at saddle.  Humicase, Alessi tuners. Eight fan braced top, with the  extra strut on treble side, which suggests a thinned top in that area, as with Madrid built solid tops of the Ramirez era. Two extra fans that run upward from the sound hole transom. These details help explain how Perry is able to extract such energy and sustain out of a solid top.

Condition: extremely clean. Top has no noticeable marks and back has a stray mark or two with some very minor clouding on the upper front bout. Case is in very good condition.

Comment: this is the first Perry to come into the shop, and my high expectations are not disappointed.  For lovers of traditionally built guitars, this one belongs on the varsity squad. If you think modern double tops or lattice guitars are tainted with a disagreeable voice, then this one, like the Gutmeier Santos or Rozas 1a also on the site, is where you’d like to be. In no way does this guitar give away volume or projection, even though its modest weight and size belie its level of energy.  Perry guitars are universally hailed as concert guitars, but I say the best of this guitar is found in the quiet of a private session with a Bach lute suite. Lovely.

Here is a Marcin Dylla video playing the identical guitar.

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Price: $9500

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