Woods: strong grained Indian rosewood back and sides, western red cedar top, spruce lattice bracing, Brazilian rosewood bridge and tie block. French polish back and sides, lacquer top. Spanish cedar neck with mahogany median strip. Attractive maple bindings.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 3mm bass string height at 12th fret. Rubner tuners. Hard shell case. Romero guitar #27. Very slightly raised fingerboard.

Condition: this guitar has been played some while in the builder’s shop. It has a few light, stray marks and some minor inconsistency in the French polish. Structurally it is perfect.

Comment: this is  a bright guitar with a big voice. The lattice braced cedar top produces a predictably bold sound, with just the right amount of enhanced sustain. I particularly admire how the trebles are not overpowered by the bass side, and the high registers ring without undue decay. Harmonics and vibrato are strong. The action is very low and just the right amount of relief along the bass side of the fingerboard prevents string buzzing. The truss rod insures that any needed neck adjustment in the future will be simple to do.

This is a handsome guitar by a young, Spanish born builder who learned his trade in Barcelona, who is experimenting with various aspects of building; in this case he finds a winning combination of lattice without carbon fiber and cedar. The pricing on the guitar in no way reflects what can be drawn from it by a player at any level of competence. I offer it right along side guitars at twice the price. Perfect for the advanced student or serious hobby player who appreciate a high quality instrument without having to pay investment pricing.


  • romero

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Price: $2995
Sale Price: $2500

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