Woods: a lovely set of warm, figured Brazilian rosewood and western red cedar. Mahogany neck. French polish throughout. Cypress laminated sides.

Miscellany: Gotoh tuners, 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 3mm bass string height at 12th fret, new hard shell case. Setup is new, with good string angle coming out of tie block and plentiful saddle. Guitar #29.

Condition: this is a new guitar, but it has been played in the builder’s shop and has a filled dent in the top near the butt. Some inconsistency in the coloration on the cedar top. The back and sides are very handsome and well finished.

Comment: this is thoroughly a traditional Spanish guitar in the relationship of bass to treble, of the predominance of the trebles to carry the melody, so to speak, or to keep the player’s and listener’s attention. This to me is the charm of a fan braced guitar. Any cedar top with new bass strings can growl and fill a room, but the quality of these trebles to be precise yet rounded, piercing yet wet, and to keep the upper hand over basses. This guitar joins the ranks of the very good instruments being built today. To to get this all the way up the fretboard is where the money goes. I offer this guitar, with its slightly uneven cosmetic appeal, at half the price of the league where it plays.

The action is astonishingly low and Manuel’s clever relief on the bass side of the fingerboard prevents string buzz. The sustain and volume level are enhanced by both the Brazilian rosewood and the laminated sides. The guitar can be pushed.



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