2012 Richard Prenkert Indian rosewood and cedar lattice

This is a new guitar.

Back and sides: Straight grained East Indian rosewood,  deeply figured, with a very fine contrasting filet running down the back and around the bouts as part of the binding decoration. Nitro lacquer finish

Top: western red cedar with lattice bracing. Richard does not use carbon fiber and his sound is thus less nasal and more natural than the Australian method. A unique use of a bookmatched pair of cedar slats with a lighter edge, which form a distinctive band through the middle of the top, running under the bridge.  One of the most handsome rosettes, with a nut toned spelt and edged with ebony and an egg and dart motif in the same wood as the back /bout filet. Nitro lacquer matte finish.

Miscellany: 650 mm scale; 53.5 mm nut, 3.75mm bass string height at 12th fret, 3.0 treble, mahogany neck, rosewood headstock veneer. String spacing 44mm at nut, 57mm at saddle.

Comment: having played Richard’s spruce lattice, listed on another page, for an extended time, I expected the subtle power this instrument delivers. The considerable sustain the best of the lattice guitars produce seem to be the reason advanced players are intrigued with them. Many guitars have volume, but Prenkert lattice tops are not about just volume. The sustain that his design sets up as a piece is played is considerable, and it creates a rich sonic environment that can best be compared to a dry recording, suddenly subjected to a touch of reverb. With this guitar, it’s all there without the gizmos. To use another analogy, a chef adds seasoning to bring out flavor in the materials; the lattice is that seasoning. It’s just better with it than without. A beautiful guitar, one than feels coiled and ready to spring under one’s fingers. Energy in spades. Perhaps one of the best guitars I have yet to play in its price range.


  • prenkert cedar lattice

    http://www.chartwellguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/P10100085.jpg http://www.chartwellguitar.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/P10100085.jpg


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Price: $6900
Sale Price: $5900

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