2014 Randy Reynolds spruce and Cocobolo double top

Woods: Cocobolo with sapwood highlights and Alpine spruce double top. Spanish cedar neck. French polish shellac finish throughout.

Specs: 650mm scale, 53mm nut, 44.5mm string spacing at nut, 59mm at saddle. GEWA case. Sound port. Gilbert tuners.

Condition: excepting a stray nail mark or two on the top and two tiny areas of abrasion on the back, the guitar is in mint condition. The case shows some wear, and the locking latch is missing, but it is otherwise fully functional and clean.

Comment: this is the second Reynolds Grand Legacy model to come through the shop and it is every bit as fine as the first. The guitar is quite handsome–the Cocobolo set is rich and the sapwood detail on the back is dramatic.

But everything about a Randy Reynolds guitar is about the sound and playability. After an hour  of Bach, it is a most agreeable companion, like a new friend who adds energy and vitality to a social situation. The double top aspect is predictably a source of extra volume, quick note bloom, and added sustain, but I hear nothing of the typical breathy double top sound. Like the Traphagen spruce double top also on the site, it has a very natural voice, like a solid top traditional. I really appreciate the trebles, which are sweet and clear. I hope the sound samples prove my point.

Andrew York and other touring professionals play Reynolds guitars.


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Price: $6200

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