2015 Allan Bull

Woods: Tasmanian black heart sassafras and British Colombian Englemann spruce. Braceless back and sides are double laminated to create reinforced rigidity, enhancing sustain and projection. Australian cedar neck with v shaped carbon fiber reinforcement, Macassar ebony fretboard, bridge, and armrest. Sassafras veneer headstock; bindings and tail block graft are Macassar ebony, ebonised veneer, and cheesewood. French polish base coat finish and pre-catalysed nitrocellulose lacquer. Satin top and gloss body.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 54mm nut, 44mm string spacing at nut, 57mm spacing at bridge. Hiscox case. Twelve hole tie block and Gotoh tuners. Detachable neck, which provides a very rigid neck/body joint with a lot of support under the upper fretboard and improves performance, but also minimizes neck angle shifts. Classical guitars are difficult to repair when neck angle issues create string height creep, and a detachable design insures easy long term maintenance, should it ever be necessary. Polished bone nut and compensated saddle. The asymmetrical grid design that is Allan’s signature bracing pattern has six longitudinal and five lateral braces. While it can loosely be called “lattice” it is not because the braces are not monolithically fused with the crosses.

Comment: as with the second Bull guitar on this site, one sees Allan’s great aesthetic eye in his choice of woods and corresponding bindings and rosette. As with the lovely combination of cedar and tiger myrtle in the first he sent my way as his North American distributor, the Engelmann spruce is a fine contrast to the sassafras. As many a luthier has stated to me, the top is where the sound is generated and it’s the main course. The body woods do matter, of course, but unique, indigenously grown timbers are a pleasure to incorporate in what can be seen as art as well as artifice.

As to performance, I include a second video of this guitar by an Australian performer, whose technique brings out more of what this guitar is capable of. There are two more videos on Allan’s YouTube channel. Words about sound are extraneous, except to say the ease of playing is notable. I prefer hard tension trebles so as to not overpower with the right hand, as the tension seems quite facile compared to other guitars. In short, a light hand generates plenty of volume. I like the sweet roundness of his trebles, which is to me more appealing than even his deep bass resonance, another noticeable trait. One gets the sense of a great volume of sound projecting from his guitars, which are very breathy.

The favorable exchange rate with the Australian currency allows me to offer these true concert guitars at a modest price.

  • bull sassafras

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Price: $6495
Sale Price: $5795

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