2015 Dan Kellaway lattice

Woods: Brazilian walnut back and sides, cedar soundboard with carbon fiber free lattice bracing, Honduras mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, arm rest, rosewood bindings. Nitro lacquer finish back and sides, both inside and out, with sprayed shellac top, applied thin. Arched back.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 53mm nut, 43.5mm string spacing at nut, 3.25mm bass string height at 12th fret. Schaller machine heads, 12 hole tie block. Sturdy hard shell case.

Condition: new. One slight nail mark on top, upper right bout. Now discounted due to two dents in top near bridge.

Comment: I have some feather light spruce top fan braced guitars which are lovely for Baroque and modern music, and if the energy and projection in a guitar were its engine size, they are sporty four cylinders. This Kellaway beauty is big in all of its aspects–weight, depth (4 3/8″ body depth at the lower bouts), volume, projection. A true V-8. Like its spruce top sister, here, the power in the player’s hands is invigorating. But the sweetness of the tone and the harmonies, which I hope to capture in the sound recording, are amazing. There are Chinese built knock off lattice guitars in the market place with a big voice, but without the clarity this high end instrument possesses. While the cheap lattice guitars create a melange of sound that is soupy, Kellaway just gives you more of the note separation a good fan braced guitar offers. I could strike the bass string, go make coffee, and still hear it resonate upon my return. But I can play that note in a piece of music and it will not overpower the midrange and trebles.  No guitar I have heard has a deeper bass resonance, which is a most exciting aspect with certain pieces, if emphasized. It is wolfy, not boomy, and very striking. One thing I would also add is that this is the first cedar top lattice Dan has built, and it seems brighter in the trebles, more forward, while the spruce top is dreamier, sweeter, comparably softer. They are in every other aspect the same guitar. Perhaps after both guitars are fully played in some of this disparity would melt away.

In sum, if you are seeking a guitar with effortless power, or one that will fill an audience’s ears at a distance, or just an average player like myself that wants a thrill, the Kellaways are a very tempting choice.

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