Woods: Brazilian walnut back and sides, Engleman spruce top, Honduras mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard and arm rest, spruce lattice bracing. Back and sides laminated with cedar between inner and outer layers of walnut. French polish top (thin) and nitrocellulose lacquer over French polish on back and sides. The Engelman top is highly figured, about which Kellaway offered this to me in an email: “It is one of the tightest grained pieces of wood I have ever seen, on or off a guitar. The medullary rays are particularly evident due to the perfect quarter sawing of this set.”

Miscellany: Schaller tuners, 650mm scale, 4mm bass string height 12th fret, 52mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, Crococase.

Condition: new

Comment: Dan Kellaway is a well established Australian luthier selling world wide and I am very pleased to represent his guitars in the U.S. The new generation of lattice braced Aussie guitars are superior to my ear over the Smallman balsa and carbon fiber bracing method. This guitar has all the subtle colors of  a traditional guitar build but has astonishing power and sustain. Dan’s lattice design (his traditionally built fan braced guitars are also available) has a deep bass resonance with a throaty growl if summoned, something he accomplishes by expanding the effective air volume inside his substantially deep guitar body. It’s a thrill to hear it and is a unique element of his work. This much one learns about the guitar while just tuning it; once you are under way with a piece of music the counterbalancing qualities emerge: a distinct sweetness in the trebles,  especially in the high registers. Harmonies ring and ring, arpeggios are exceptional. Any drop tuning such as DADGAD is really fun because you’d think the sustain is akin to a steel stringed instrument. But for standard classical repertoire I find here the color, subtlety, tenderness I treasure in an Aram or a Rozas. These other guitars are akin to sports cars that hug the road and respond to the slightest initiative; this Kellaway is no less exhilarating but it also has a big, big engine. Once this heavy guitar is settled in playing position, it will not be moved. You will not want to put it down.

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