2015 Robin Moyes

Woods: deep grained South American rosewood back and sides. Western red cedar top with radial bracing. Ebony fingerboard and Honduran mahogany neck. Nitrocellulose lacquer matte finish on the top, gloss back and sides.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 53m nut, 43.5mm string spacing at nut, 58.5mm spacing at saddle. Gilbert tuners, Hiscox case, high C fret. Arm rest, braceless, arched back. Unkerfed lining and side strut supports. Clear golpeador protects sound board on both the bass and treble side. Additional clear protection behind bridge for string changes. Slightly elevated fingerboard.

Condition: new

Comment: after hearing comments praising this Australian builder’s guitars from a west coast performer and university professor, I decided to acquire this new Robin Moyes guitar. I was most curious about the sound radial bracing produces and YouTube sound clips were  promising but inconclusive. It was a surprise to feel the heft of this braceless backed instrument. As with the Kneipp here, it is a heavy guitar. Without the usual lattice bracing that a Smallman or Kneipp incorporates, this guitar has none of the mildly sour, echoey tone that is marginally annoying to my ear. The color is straightforward and natural, but it possesses the sustain and volume that a Smallman offers. Loudness is surely there, but the most distinctive aspect is the focussed trebles and mids. There is the clarity and precision of a traditional guitar but the roundness to the notes, a wet quality, that gives that clarity a pleasing finish. This is a very handsome guitar and the workmanship is excellent.

For anyone who has been frustrated by delicate French polish and laments wear or moisture whorls. Nitro lacquer is a godsend. Robin applies a very thin coat of matte nitro on the top so as to not impede the vibration but renders it very much more impervious to those marks that even careful handling eventually produce.




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