2016 Andreas Kirmse

Woods: dark, figured Zircote back and sides with cedar over cedar top. Mahogany neck. French polish shellac throughout.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 53mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 58mm at saddle. Choice of Hiscox, TKL, or Humicase.

Comment: this guitar has been played for a few months by an American collector and now again for sale. There is a string ding below the bridge, but otherwise as new.

Having had a similar Andreas Kirmse guitar here last year, I can say this one exceeds the previous guitar by a considerable measure–perhaps since that one was not played in. No guitar I’ve heard or played exceeds it. There is a power and warmth that is the hallmark of German double tops in cedar. It will be pushed as far as a player wishes to and flaunts the talent of its maker when in full flight. But it is serenely beautiful at low effort. I hear a sweetness that is a winning quality and helps me place it at the very top rung. It is not just a brute that can fill a concert hall. The volume belies the diminutive size, which I equate to the Torres body depth I have seen in  Kevin Aram guitars. Finally, the right hand effort required is very minimal. One of the easiest guitars to play. Andreas Kirmse is clearly a Dammann acolyte but he has obviously earned the secrets of the master.

The first video is Tal Hurwitz playing his identical 2012 Kirmse, which gives the listener an idea of what pyrotechnics this builders work is capable of, since not found in the second video.

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Price: $8995

Call Now: 603-762-7115