2016 Dieter Muller

Woods: Indian rosewood and Engelmann spruce over cedar double top. Mahogany neck. French polish shellac throughout.  The spruce is an excellent set, with the horizontal medullary rays very pronounced.

Miscellany: 650mm scale, 53mm nut, 43.5mm string spacing at nut, 59mm at saddle. Choice of TKL, Humicase, or Hiscox case. Inlaid tie block. Sloane tuners.

Comment: having just sold a cedar Muller and realizing very few spruce Mullers are in circulation, it is nice to be able to say this guitar differs from the dark, smoky German double top sound that is also very nice, but somewhat a cliche now.  After a couple of sessions on the guitar, which is yet to be played in, I conclude it has a dry precision and is not so breathy and bass heavy as the cedar brethren. I find it particularly good with Baroque and modern music. Plenty of volume, sustain, and a lightness with quick response that is simply remarkable. I would compare it favorably with the Martin Blackwell spruce double top, also on the site. Both are feather light and all experienced players know what that means in terms of voice.

In peering into the body of the guitar with a mirror, I see the bracing is minimal. Fans run parallel to the grain. That Muller can support a top as thin as this must be and maintain a very low string height is a marvel. There is plenty of saddle and break angle for future adjustments if needed.

I find myself a better player with this guitar in hand, much as I am a more passionate driver in a Porsche.

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