2015 Kim Lissarrague

This wonderful guitar has been sold, but can be replaced in fairly short order. Contact Jay at Chartwell to learn about options.

Woods: Cocobolo, laminated back and sides,  cedar top. Full carbon fiber reinforced balsa lattice bracing. Mahogany neck and ebony arm rest.  Shellac Nitro lacquer throughout.

Miscellany: TKL deluxe case, 650mm scale, 52mm nut, 42mm string spacing at nut, 57mm at saddle. Gilbert tuners, truss rod, arched, braceless back.

Condition: new

Comment: Kim builds in the Smallman tradition, using heavy, stiff, arched (for added stiffness) laminated back and sides in combination with a super thin top, with full coverage lattice bracing (compared to much smaller circumference lattice pattens with other builders, such as Connor). Carbon fiber adds stiffness to the very sonically transparent balsa braces, producing a maximum response. With all this technology one would expect a guitar that is almost too loud, or brash, which this is not. I find it fits nicely into the dynamic range one would expect of a traditional top, except for the undeniable sustain and some added volume. I differentiate between power and energy in the matter of note bloom, which I find in both double top and lattice guitars. To my ear, an Aram, Howell, or Dean, for instance, the best of my fan braced solid tops, will produce a note that rises out of the guitar with a pleasing “bloom,” and that kind of sound is lovely and has been the standard for generations. What excites modern top adherents, I think, is the quicker, more immediate response from a struck note–a quicker bloom. There is a double top sound one can pick up on right away, and there is the Smallman sound, which I also hear on the Partyka and Mrdalj on this site. Lissarrague’s sound has neither the breathy double top or nasal lattice characteristic, which I hope the sound samples prove. I like the voice of this, my first Lissarrague. Please listen to Kim discussing his building ideas in the following video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj7r5zAaYwA.

There is a second video loaded for viewing.

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Price: $7995

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