2016 Ross Gutmeier  

This guitar has been sold but it is replaceable with an identical instrument. 

Woods: Indian rosewood and cedar over cedar double top, nomex core.

Specs: 650mm scale, 43.5mm string spacing at 52mm nut, 58mm string spacing at saddle. TKL case, hard tension Oasis strings as recorded. Rubner tuners.

Comment: having played a number of Gutmeier guitars allows me to offer the possibility this may be his best so far. Ross is a big deal in double top design, and this one is set up with a European bracing, which has fans running with the grain and a small cross brace across the lower bout. The guitar is feather light and literally jumps when played. Ross has brought the top down to the point the nomex grid has imprinted on the top. One can’t get any more extreme, yet with the adhesives the overall top is just as stable as it needs to be. The gamble builders like Dammann, Kirmse, and Dieter Muller have been taking is how lightly braced can a builder still rely on the stability of the bridge. That is a fine point and Ross has examined German double tops, repairing some which did not hang together, to reach that infinity point, where no more energy can be extracted from the top without a collapse.

I would compare this guitar favorably with his solid top spruce Santos Hernandez model, also on the Chartwell site. Both are very punchy and bright, powerful with out being brash, and oh so sweet in the upper registers. This is the first of Ross’s Euro braced double tops and I am as excited about it as he is.

Nikolai Svishev, who recorded this piece, is a performer based in Charleston, SC.

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