2017 Glenn Canin double top

Woods: Indian rosewood and western cedar over cedar double top with balsa filler. Spanish cedar neck.  Nitro lacquer back and sides, French polish shellac top.

Specs: 650mm scale, 52.5mm nut, 43mm string spacing at nut, 57.5mm at saddle. Raised fingerboard. Sloane frictionless tuners. Lovely wheat motif rosette with matching pattern on 12 hole tie block. Deluxe TKL case. Unique bracing on top: five struts running with vertical grain and two small horizontal struts with run between bridge and butt. This is the type of bracing I see on guitars that yield large volume, such as Dammann, Kirmse, and others such as Michele della Giustina and Ross Gutmeier.

Condition: mint. One very minor, superficial scratch on back. Case has some scuff marks.

Comment: dark western red cedar with dark rosette patterns are the most appealing combinations and this guitar is true eye candy. Luckily, its voice will also win over any player. Glenn has created a variation on his standard punchy sound, creating what he explained was a  sweeter, more rounded intonation. Rather less dry and overtly loud, this guitar has a subtlety he states pleased him very much.  I find it to have a complex sound with plenty of nuance and very bright trebles.  Hopefully the soon to be recorded videos will support this observation.

The guitar has been played in for a few months by its current owner and offered virtually as new. It is reluctantly offered back for sale so as to facilitate two major investment grade purchases.

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Price: $8995

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