2017 Tim Steis Ovangkol and spruce

Woods: Ovangkol (West African non-protected hardwood) back and sides and Engelmann spruce top. Spanish cedar neck. French polish shellac throughout. Five spruce top braces running parallel to the grain.

Specs: 640mm scale, 52mm nut, 43.5mm string spacing at nut, 59mm at saddle. Pearl inlay on tie block. Chroma Cast hardshell case. Rubner tuners.

Condition: new

Comment: Tim’s guitars, this being #11, keep getting better and better. When delivering this guitar at the recent Florida State festival, where he earned a degree in guitar studies, he said it was the most balanced guitar he has built. To my ear, the trebles are the most distinctive aspect. With hard tension carbons (in the videos, where Tim is the performer) they are candy hard and bright when called upon. The second dominant quality is hard to describe and I hope the videos pick it up. Years ago, when I played my first rosewood guitar, I heard an overtone that seemed to lurk just below the sound hole, a hint of an echo or resonance, that seemed to add a level of warmth and sustain unheard previously. More than all the guitars in the shop, this new instrument has that aspect, which I heard more readily in front of the guitar than behind it. Whether it is the Ovangkol, or the combination of it with the lovely set of Engelmann, I do not know. Such is the luthier’s alchemy, and this one is special.


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Price: $4995

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