Purchase Policy

As with most dealers, guitars will be shipped after payment is complete. Please enjoy up to three days to decide if this is the guitar for you, at which time you may return it if you so desire for a full refund.

Returns and Exchange

The guitar must be received in the condition as it was sent.  Return freight is the responsibility of the buyer. Should you decide to exchange the guitar for another Chartwell owned instrument (not a consignment) within 30 days, you may do so and enjoy a credit equal to the original purchase price on any instrument of equal or greater value, so long as the returned instrument is in its original condition. New guitars are warrantied by the builder; used guitars are sold “as-is,” meaning the buyer takes the responsibility of examining it for any issues that might arise at a later date. While this puts the onus on the buyer to decide, there is general benefit in owning a used guitar, which has been played in and has had time to mature sonically and physically. In short, it has likely already done what it will want to do after coming off the builder’s bench. You may also return a new  guitar within two years for a 70% credit towards another instrument, pending condition of the return. Used guitars returned within two years will receive 75% credit, condition similarly a factor.

Payment Methods

Band certified checks are the preferred method of payment and wire transfers are similarly acceptable. Paypal and credit card payments, though a means of creating security for the buyer, something Chartwell understands and encourages, carry a fee that must be considered in the purchase price of the guitar. Prices listed on the web site do not include payment fees and must be negotiated to accommodate extra cost for the seller.